About Us

Trade Fund India Company's sole activity of Equity Trading, Commodity Trading, Forex Trading, Crypto Currency Trading and Private Placement Programme on behalf of investors is executed strategically for high profits and returns. The first successful area of focus of business of Trade Fund India Company was formed in 2013 when the basis of development of the safe trading strategy itself was set. Our expert traders choose the most classical option of various trading platforms with the highest volatility as trading instruments. The daily strategy of trading allows to more accurately use technical analysis and forecast the direction of market movement and its correction. The developed trading system assumes medium load of the main deposit which excludes large financial losses and brings in profits due to successful scalping. We have chosen the best European and Malaysian brokers and dealing centers mostly from Britain and Malaysia as trading platforms. This simplifies all operations in money transfers. The staff of market traders are experienced and successful financial specialists who trade to provide maximum profit on all deposits.